Military to Game Development?

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Military to Game Development?

Příspěvekod JosephGalvan » čtv 10. kvě 2018 8:06:16


So, my military career is drawing to a close. I will be separating from service in August. Commissioned officer (O-3), Active Duty Army, combat arms, and a deployment as a background. My awesome wife has given me an opportunity to go after my dream job: Working in the Game Development field. Her stipulation is that if I am not working by December, I have to start looking at *other jobs. I've got about 18 months worth of savings in my account and my wife pulls in enough to pay the bills, but not much past that.
* ("Other jobs," for a reference, are federal law enforcement, civilian employment in Iraq/Afghanistan, or teaching.)
That's my current situation. I was wondering if there was anyone else who has made that transition from the military to a game development or maybe even a tech startup. I realize that I am looking at QA as a starting point, with three or four beta participation's as experience. And that I will be taking a pretty big pay cut. I'm lucky enough to be stationed at Fort Lewis (own a home in Tacoma) so I'm not located too far from a hub. But any advice on how you went about it would be much appreciated.
To anyone else, if you work with any former military folks, how do they make the transition to the more (at least from what I hear) laid back world of tech companies? I'm sure there's a horror story or two, but in general, is it a decent fit or something that may take some adjusting?
Personally, I am having trouble balancing how much I want to talk about my military experience with trying not to come off as someone who is going to do pushups at my desk and scare people with the thousand yard stare. But I am proud of what I have done and hope that it translates into at least a QA Lead level job.
Any thoughts, again, are appreciated. It's scary as hell to be jumping off the job boat into uncharted waters right now, but I figure I've read enough motivational posters to give some of that sage advice a try.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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